Welcome to Universal Foundation!

Dr.Ajay Vasant, is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Universal Foundation. Dr.Ajay, Director of Varahamihira Solutions Private Limited is a "Mind & Body" healer.He writes articles on Astrology, Reiki, Acupressure and occult related subjects.He is also on the Advisory Committee of TAMIL NADU UDAVIKKARAM ASSOCIATION FOR THE WELFARE OF DIFFERENTLY ABLED.

He has been involved in lot of social activities since his college days. His participation in the blood donation camps and creating awareness about healing has diverted him to work towards social causes.His interest in social services has made him to start the foundation with his like minded friends.

K.Nizhar Ahmed, a B.Tech Chemical Engineering graduate from Vellore Institute of Technology, is the one of the trustee of Universal Foundation. He is currently working as a Senior Software engineer in a reputed firm in Chennai. His down to earth quality and the intention to help the needy has made him to contribute to the society.