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1.To establish, run, manage or assist schools and other educational organisations imparting education/vocational training etc.
2. To run free reading halls, libraries, exhibitions and talent promotion shows etc for the benefit of the community at large.
3.Display and promote/assist the marketing of the products made by differently abled persons.
4. To run, assist, help, undertake or acquire any educational institutions, training centres, Rehabilitation centres, hospitals, shelter homes, old age homes, websites etc and run the same for the benefit of community at large.
5. To award scholarships, prizes, etc for the deserving, poor, downtrodden and handicapped students as well as educationalists and talented and knowledgeable senior citizens, writers, artists, singers etc.
6. To establish, maintain, run, improve, develop, libraries, reading rooms, resource centres, counselling centres, websites and other facilities for the benefit of the students and general pubic to assist them on pursuing higher studies.
7. To give donations to other institutions and service organisations having similar objectives.
8. To start/establish legal forums, Consultation centres, peer groups etc to create awareness about the rights of the persons with disabilities to initiate legal actions, represent before the courts, appropriate authorities, government offices, etc to protect the right of disabled.
9. To accept donations, gifts, presents, aids, grants, in cash or in kind and movable and immovable properties from the public, state or central governments or any foreign individual/institution or government either as corpus or as cash according to the directions of the donors for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Trust.
10.To build, construct, establish, run, maintain, manage and or afford financial help to any educational or scientific institution/institutions for imparting education in arts, science, vocational and technical subjects or for research in any or all of the above.
11. To organise seminars, workshops, exhibitions and regular meetings to promote greater awareness about the problems faced by the society.
12. To cooperate with like minded associations through out India, in the first instance and later outside of it, to further strengthen the objectives herein stated.
13. To serve as a coordinating agency bringing together the have and have nots as well as service provider and whose service is being sought.
14. To liaise with various Federations of Industry, Commerce, Service clubs and other service agencies to seek support for the promotion of facilities being offered by the members of such association/organisations.
15. To raise funds to enable the attainment of the objectives of the Trust, the benefit of which shall be open to all, irrespective of caste, religion, sex etc and the Trust will not carry on any activity with the intention of earning profits to its office bearers or members.
16. To strengthen agricultural operations providing alternative occupation irrespective of caste and creed and without profit motive.